Get STRONG for the season

Hello, it's that time of year where we have to make sure our immune system is strong and ready for the seasons to come.
Are you prepared for this season? 
Are you using your kit to it's full capacity?  
What are you doing to protect your family?

I used to get ready for my seasonal cold or upper respiratory infection with medications that made my hands shake, my mouth dry, low energy and made me sleepy.  I decided that I will not suffer any more, I started learning about how to support my body. 
I reduced and in some cases flat out deleted certain foods out of my diet. I was introduced to essential oils and this changed my life, I can breathe!!! 
In February of this year I had symptoms that came from left field. I wasn't around anyone that was sick, I didn't know what it was. I said to my coworker that I don't know what this is but I am going to knock it out. Within 3 days I knocked it out with natural remedies & alternatives, it was easy. 
When you support your body with the natural power of water, whole foods, herbs and essential oils you will stay strong through the year.                               Book a 30 wellness consultation now

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Is your hair falling down the drain?

God's day!
With the stress of the way the world is now, people are experiencing extreme hair shedding and hair loss. When the mind and body is lacking proper rest,nutrients, & oxygen it will take away the nourishment from your follicles to support the organs that are more important. Hair usually starts to shed 3 months after the the first sign of stress, trauma, or injury.  Usually it will grow back with time, if there are no underline issues. 
During this time you want to nourish and support your body with these five things

  • Reduce stress: meditation, yoga, deep breathing with stress away
  • Eat healthy: Fruits,veggies, nuts, grains, water, fish and seafood add lemon oil for flavor
  • Essential oils: Rosemary, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Thyme diffuse, use them topically on the scalp
  • Plenty of rest and sleep at least 6-8 hrs uninterrupted diffuse valerian oil at night while sleeping 
  • Reduce your electronic use: place your phones, watches, laptops, out of your bedroom, wear  EMF protecting  jewelry
Want to learn how to incorporate these steps to help stop your hair from shedding? 
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12 Natural hacks to a safe non toxic home

12 natural hacks to a non toxic home!

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7 oils for your wellbeing

Essential oils for the 7 Pillars of well being

1. Sleep: 6 -8 hrs adequate sleep daily– Lavender – respiratory, antiseptic, cold and flu

2. Meditation taking time to listen and focus through prayer and stillness - Frankincense- analgesic, scars, astringent

3. Movement exercise, walking, yoga - Peppermint-muscles, stomach, respiratory 

4. Emotions deep breathing - Citrus Fresh

5. Nutrition plant based diet - Lemon- antioxidant, anemia, poor circulation

6. Grounding walking on the grass,in your garden

Valor- supports alignment of the body,creates balance, calming, confidence & courage

7. Self-Awareness reflection, affirmations -Frankincense 

I believe that this pandemic has really allowed us to stop, reflect and organize our thoughts on where and what is the next step in our lives. Will we go back to normal or back to basics? Things will never be normal again. 

I am enjoying getting back to basics for example: 

Spending more time with GOD

Spending time with myself, spouse & family

Doing daily activities towards my dreams

Spending time in my garden with my shoes off:)

Catching up with people I haven't spoken to in awhile, just to name a few. 

For more information on the oils contact us at 203 217 2340

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