God's day!
With the stress of the way the world is now, people are experiencing extreme hair shedding and hair loss. When the mind and body is lacking proper rest,nutrients, & oxygen it will take away the nourishment from your follicles to support the organs that are more important. Hair usually starts to shed 3 months after the the first sign of stress, trauma, or injury.  Usually it will grow back with time, if there are no underline issues. 
During this time you want to nourish and support your body with these five things

  • Reduce stress: meditation, yoga, deep breathing with stress away
  • Eat healthy: Fruits,veggies, nuts, grains, water, fish and seafood add lemon oil for flavor
  • Essential oils: Rosemary, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Thyme diffuse, use them topically on the scalp
  • Plenty of rest and sleep at least 6-8 hrs uninterrupted diffuse valerian oil at night while sleeping 
  • Reduce your electronic use: place your phones, watches, laptops, out of your bedroom, wear  EMF protecting  jewelry
Want to learn how to incorporate these steps to help stop your hair from shedding? 
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