When I heard the news about the proposed ban on relaxers, I really had mixed feelings. I thought ok what does  banning mean? How will it benefit the consumer? They say it protects the consumer, but does it really?  

I have been a licensed hair stylist for over 35yrs.  I built my business on doing relaxers for years. 
When I started learning more about the harmful affects of relaxers and other ingredients in hair products, personal use products and processed foods it was eye opening.  I started transitioning my clients out of relaxers  to natural ways to straighten their hair and then to wearing their natural curls. . When researching I was floored at what FDA deemed OK to keep in everyday products that are carcinogens, other countries  have banned for many years. When I dove more into what ingredients are the most harmful it was a challenge to find products that were less harmful. 

The question I have is what about the other chemicals we use on a daily basis that have been proven to cause cancers, endocrine disruptors,  neurological diseases,  and many diseases that plague women.  

There are soooo many Endocrine (Hormone) disruptors in many of our daily products, foods and cleaning products.  
When they talk about banning cancerous chemicals it should be done across the board. 

The items on this short list can all cause cancers and many other diseases. 
1. Pesticides on our foods
2.  Refine white sugar
3.  Artificial colors 
5. Caffeine 
6. GMO's 
7. Household cleaning products (bleach, air fresheners, dryer sheets) just to name a few 
8.  Deodorants 
9. Lotions 
10. Perfume 

Here's a free natural cleaners guide 

Here's a couple of articles that will give you some insight. 

Stay tuned for ways to swap out the chemicals in your life. 
Hope this is helpful !!

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